Friday, January 4, 2008

Protecting Your Car Mats From Wear And Tear

One common problem faced by all car owners is keeping the interiors of their vehicle spick and span. The most exasperating aspect is cleaning and scrubbing the car mats. Plain and dry dust can be easily vacuumed, but tough stains like spilled liquid (milk, cola or juices) or muddy shoes take considerable effort to go away. The stains and the dirt pinch more if the car mats are costly and stylish.

The other problem that people face is that too much scrubbing of the car mats can make them look worn and old within a short span of time, and this can affects the swank look of your car. Hence, people are always looking for ways and means to protect these car accessories, and at the same time maintain the clean and stylish look of the vehicle.

A solution to these problems is that it is better to go for car mats that are not only good in quality and looks, but at the same time are cheap and easy to maintain. It is advisable to buy car mats from departmental stores and box mart stores, rather than car dealers, because they are comparatively lighter on the pocket. But, more often than not, these mats do not fit the vehicle perfectly.

The easiest and the most effective way of protecting your costly car mats and preserving their new and fresh look is to buy some plastic runner material, and cut it exactly in the shape and size of your car mats to create a very tight custom fit. Be careful while cutting around the area that runs around the seats. In case you are afraid of cutting your car mats by mistake, while cutting the plastic, it is advisable to place a piece of cardboard underneath the plastic while cutting.

This will make the mats easy to clean. Put just a little water and some soap, and scrub for really tough stains; and with very little effort, your mats are squeaky clean once again.

By Alexus Devon

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